Our company offers direct submission of inquiries in the form of a functional products' catalogue.

After sending a request, you will receive personalized valuation and opportunity to purchase selected products.

Terms & conditions

1. The TDH Szczepan Woźny company is a manufacturer of gloves which are available in the products' catalog and also the owner of website
2. We invite you to submit inquiries: shops industry, wholesalers, retailers, offices, other entities and companies, as well as individuals.
3. All products offered on are brand new, free from physical and legal defects.
4. Via the it is possible to ask about availability and prices of selected products.
5. Enquiries made over the Internet are not binding.
6. The user who submits an inquiry receives valuation of products by e-mail or telephone.
7. A client can make a request and purchase on the basis of a confirmation of availability (or the date of production) and valuation.
8. Details of the transaction are set individually.

About us

We specialize in sewing gloves but we also sew leather clothes to order.

We are one of the major producers of leather gloves in Poland.

- with the warm lining (winter)
- with the thermolite lining
- hydrophobic workmanship
- optimum length - wrists won't be cold
- made with the great care

Because of our involvement with production and using the latest technology, our gloves are of the highest quality. We offer full range of leather outdoor gloves for women and for men in all neccesary sizes and colours. We also produce sport gloves, e.g. for horse riders, hunters, motor cyclists, drivers, fencers, boxers and snowboarders.